How to deliver Viber ads with Admixer system

Admixer Advertising is an official Viber ad reseller. Now we are introducing a special template for ad creatives within our regular ad campaign setup process.


Admixer’s focus is on ad campaign automation. And that is why we are rolling out a template for running Viber ad delivery through Admixer.DSP platform.


What are the promotion options on Viber?


There are several ways to promote your product:


  • In-app advertising displays after the user finishes the call (post-call);
  • Desktop ad banners;
  • Ad banners on sticker pages you see after you download sticker packs;
  • Stickers – clickable and with sound;
  • Post-call and download& watch video ads;
  • And more.



We integrated an option to select it in our specific template. Our goal was to make this ad delivery launch easier for advertisers. It’s also a part of our general strategy of switching to native formats. 



Since last year, post-call advertising has become increasingly popular. Among its clients are Coca-Cola, Old Spice, Disney, PepsiCo, and Ferrero.



Viber press service says: “So that users do not need to hide ads. We develop ad formats that don’t ruin the user experience and secure the privacy of communication.”



What are the benefits for advertisers and brands?


Viber helps advertisers increase awareness, consideration, or conversions for the brand by connecting to active and engaged consumers around the globe. With its ad formats, advertisers can engage their audience at the right time, providing visually rich, non-intrusive ads that look and feel native and demonstrates high CPM.


Leverage these ads to:


  • Engage users;
  • Increase brand awareness;
  • Convert users and drive revenue generation.



What are the file sizes for the Viber ad?


  • Main chat (Native) – 320×50
  • Calls Tab (Native) – 320×50
  • Chat Extension (Native) – 320×50
  • Post-call & Timeout (Native) – 300×250
  • Post-call & Timeout (Banner) – 300×250
  • Post-call video  – Size 300×250 , up to 10 sec, downloaded on CND, format .mp4


Try out the new templates now!


Learn more about how our ad creatives work. Through our platform, you can monitor the statistics and get visualized reporting on your ads performance:


  • 100+ metrics and data sets;
  • Event tracking for each ad;
  • Reports of export.

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