Admixer GE – International Ecosystem in Georgian programmatic marketing

Admixer GE

Admixer GE is a programmatic ecosystem for interactive market players to achieve their business goals and objectives.



Local digital market players will easily buy and sell inventory data, optimize and create their products with the help of Admixer’s international experience, and the professionals of the Georgian team. 




Admixer for Publishers



Admixer offers a wide range of programmatic ecosystem products to publishers operating in Georgia.



Visual data reports are one of the most convenient attributes of the platform, so publishers get constant access to up-to-date statistics. 



They can also use every popular advertising format from the digital market: display, rich-media, prerolls/midrolls, ads in mobile applications or games, etc.



Publishers have multi-level access to an effective CRM system for profit monetizing and campaign monitoring.




Admixer ecosystem uses the Ad Campaign Forecasting algorithm, which calculates the number of unique visitors, clicks, and impressions as soon as the profile is activated. Consequently, it makes completing business tasks based on real data and forecasts easier. 





Admixer for Advertisers



admixer.DSP is a programmatic ecosystem product for advertisers that applies up to date technology. So advertisers can manage data, use Creatives Library, and access the best local or global inventory.



Advertisers of the ecosystem receive information about users and their behavior from Admixer informational sources: Admixer.Network, Admixer.Publisher, Admixer.TradeDesk.




On the Admixer platform, media buying methods are various. Advertisers can participate in an open auction (RTBs), access to the private marketplace, or negotiate direct and guaranteed deals. 


Admixer cooperation models



Admixer offers three formats of service for companies working in the Georgian market:




If you want to manage the programmatic system autonomously, we will provide all the necessary products and campaign dashboards. In addition, we will help your workers learn and understand the basic principles of the Admixer platform.



Mixed system

If you want to manage campaigns by yourself, but you need to receive regular assistance in optimization, our specialists will supply you with this service. The Admixer GE team will answer all your questions and provide expert advice when required.



Full package of services

If you outsource your ad projects to our team of professionals, you will receive entire campaign management, support, and tips from us. 



Admixer GE is a partner and representative of international products such as Google Marketing Platform, Viber, InMobi, Tinder, Opera, and many more. Therefore, the company introduces global inventory and practices in the local digital market.